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Istanbul Film Festival’s 36th edition kicked off with an opening gala on Tuesday night, 4 April. The opening gala brought the stars and distinguished figures of the Turkish cinema together at TİM Show Center where Cinema Honorary Awards and plaques were presented.

The 36th Istanbul Film Festival Opening Gala was presented by actor Cem Davran and hosted by İKSV General Director Görgün Taner and İstanbul Film Festival Director Kerem Ayan.

The Opening Gala started with plaque presentation to representatives of the supporting institutions and organizations of the festival. The plaques were presented by İKSV General Director Görgün Taner to Operational Marketing Manager of Türk Tuborg A.Ş. Cem Kırmacı for Türk Tuborg A.Ş., Turkish Cinema Theme Sponsor and contributor to National Golden Tulip Competition Best Director Prize; Corporate Communications Group Manager of Turkuvaz Medya Group Fecir Alptekin for Sabah Newspaper, the theme sponsor of Best of the Fests; Marketing Manager of Turkuvaz Medya Group Gözde Güleryüz for ATV, the theme sponsor of Challenging the Years; NTV Program Manager Handan Özsoy for NTV, the theme sponsor of  Documentary Time with NTV; and Marketing, Corporate Communications and Call Centers Director of Groupama Frederique Guegan Tayar for Groupama, the theme sponsor of Turkish Classics Revisited.

Special thanks were extended to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Cinema, supporting institutions of the festival, leading and official sponsors of İKSV, and patrons that made 20,000 seats on weekday screenings available to students from 1 TL, for their generous support.

The Opening Gala continued with the introduction of the festival competitions and juries. A total of 59 films will be competing for the International and National Golden Tulip Awards, FACE Human Rights in Cinema Award, Seyfi Teoman Best Debut Film Award, National Documentary Competition and National Short Film Competition Awards. The International Competition Jury will be led by Reha Erdem, while the head of the National Competition Jury will be the director duo, Taylan Brothers.

The proceeding minutes saw tributes, honouring important figures of the cinema, culture, and the art world who passed away last year, accompanied by a mini concert by Kalben, the beloved name of alternative local stage.

The annual Cinema Honorary Awards of the Istanbul Film Festival were given to six distinguished figures who have long served Turkish cinema. The beloved educator of cinema and cinephile Mithat Alam was the first to be honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to Cinema Award, just before his unfortunate passing away in November 2016. Devoting himself to film literacy, Mithat Alam was the founder of Mithat Alam Film Center at Boğaziçi University, a place which passed on Alam’s passion for cinema to the next generations, inspiring many young filmmakers and film lovers. His award was presented to him a short while before his departure.

The director of 127 films and TV series including the masterpiece of Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım, and talented cinematographer Çetin Tunca received the Cinema Honorary Award from another master in directing films, Feyzi Tuna.

The precious film and stage actor Macit Koper, who has worked with the most remarkable directors of Turkish cinema for almost a half century, appeared in countless unique films like Aaahh Belinda and wrote scripts for precious films such as Rumuz Goncagül. Having received many awards, national or international, Macit Koper also stars in Motherland Hotel which will be shown with its restored copy at the festival this year. Koper received his Cinema Honorary Award from actress Hale Soygazi.

Barış Pirhasan worked with veteran directors Atıf Yılmaz, Ömer Kavur and Şerif Gören in the 80s, wrote countless film scripts including Adı Vasfiye, Kadının Adı Yok and Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur? and directed successful films like Usta Beni Öldürsene, O da Beni Seviyor and Adem’in Trenleri. Pirhasan’s Cinema Honorary Award was presented by actress Nurgül Yeşilçay.

A timeless face with her natural and subtle acting, Selma Güneri was another receiver of the Cinema Honorary Award. Selma Güneri starred in countless films since the mid-60s and is mostly known for her role in the classic Son Kuşlar. Shining on the silver screen during the most productive area of the Turkish cinema, Selma Güneri’s career includes Mum Kokulu Kadınlar and Ben Öldükçe Yaşarım for which she won a Golden Orange for her performance. Selma Güneri was presented her award by Ediz Hun, her supporting actor in Son Kuşlar.

One of the most beloved film actors with his memorable roles in Richard III, Gods and Monsters, Lord of the Rings, and X-Men series, the guest of this year’s festival Sir Ian McKellen received this year’s last Cinema Honorary Award by Istanbul Film Festival Director Kerem Ayan. Drawing attention to his internationalist character in his speech, McKellen said: “This is my first time in Turkey and in Istanbul. I am a 78-year-old actor of cinema, theater and radio. I’m British, I consider myself European, but being an openly gay man, I identify myself as internationalist. Cinema allows us to go to places we’ve never been, and that makes us internationalists.”

Festival’s honorary guest in collaboration with the British Council, Ian McKellen will also meet film lovers at the screenings of Richard III to be shown in Beyoğlu Atlas and Rexx movie theatres. McKellen will also give a talk at Albert Long Hall at Boğaziçi University on Friday, 7 April.

Following the award ceremony, the 36th Istanbul Film Festival kicked off with the screening of
Tassos Boulmetis’ film Notias, featured in the “Galas” section of the festival. The director of the film Tassos Boulmetis and actors Yiannis Niarros and Chara Mata Giannatou were also present at the screening.

The video projections that accompanied the entire show were prepared by the İKSV Studio team, Selçuk Metin and Ebru Gümrükçüoğlu. The stage director of the gala was Yekta Kara.