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İpekçe, will be restored and to be screened at the festival

Istanbul Film Festival restores Turkish classics the first time this year with the support of Zurich Sigorta. This year, Bilge Olgaç’s 1987 masterpiece İpekçe will be restored by Atlas Post Production to be screened during the 37th Istanbul Film Festival, on the 30th anniversary of its production.

Based on true-life events told by master storyteller Osman Şahin, and written by Şahin and Bilge Olgaç, İpekçe tells the story of the unfortunately unchanging fate of a prostitute and the hypocrisy that surrounds her.
Awarded with the 1987 Ministry of Culture Certificate of Achievement and the 1990 Ankara Film Festival AFSAD Special Prize, İpekçe stars Perihan Savaş as the eponymous heroine.

Perihan Savaş will be receiving the Cinema Honorary Award of the festival this year. Writer Osman Şahin, whose literary works have been most frequently adapted to film will also receive a Cinema Honorary Award this year. İpekçe was shot by cinematographer Aytekin Çakmakçı who had received the award in 2013, and produced by Lokman Kondakçı.

İpekçe’s director Bilge Olgaç was born in 1940, she started cinema by first assisting director Memduh Ün. Her first feature starring Yılmaz Güney was I’ll Nail You All followed by several adventure films. She won the Best Director Award in Adana in 1970 with Lynch. Her collaboration with Osman Şahin produced several landmark films that focused on women’s problems. She was especially praised for Kaşık Düşmanı / Enemy of Spoon aka A Marriage Room (1984). She made 38 feature films, and was tragically killed in a fire in 1994.

Lead actress Perihan Savaş first took to the stage when she was only 7 at the Istanbul Municipal Theatre's children’s department. Her first role on film was in 1971, when she was only 16. Since then, she has acted in 130 films and TV series in a brilliant career including the features “Bedrana”, “Esir Hayat / Prisoner Lives”, “Kaşık Düşmanı / A Wedding Room”, “Kırlangıç Fırtınası / The Storm”, “Sosyete Şaban”, “Sis / The Fog”, “İpekçe”, “Karılar Koğuşu / Women’s Ward”, “Köpekler Adası / Dogs Island”; and the TV series “Mahallenin Muhtarları”, “Ana Kuzusu”, “Karakolda Ayna Var”, “Fırtına Hayatlar”, “Yaprak Dökümü”, “Gazi”, “Sırat”, “Bedel” and “Çukur”.

Holding the record for the most adapted writer in Turkish literature, Osman Şahin is a writer, researcher, teacher and scriptwriter, praised as “Turkey’s Chingiz Aitmatov” and “an original short story writer who has enriched our literary world.” 23 films were adapted to the silver screen from his short stories to date, winning 35 awards at more than 60 local and international film festivals. Described by Yılmaz Güney as “a complete filmmaker,” Osman Şahin’s writings has emerged as realist films including “Kızgın Toprak / Angry Earth”, “Kibar Feyzo / Dandy Feyzo”, “Adak / The Sacrifice”, “Derman / The Cure”, “Ayna / The Mirror”, “İpekçe”, “Kurşun Adres Sormaz / Bulletstruck”, “Avcı / The Hunter”.

Film buffs had the opportunity to watch these restored Turkish classics in earlier editions of the festival:
Bereketli Topraklar Üzerinde / On Fertile Lands (2008) (Erden Kıral, 1979), Vurun Kahpeye / Strike the Whore (2009) (Lütfi Ö. Akad, 1949), Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım / The Girl with the Red Scarf (2010) (Atıf Yılmaz, 1978), Üç Arkadaş / Three Friends (2011) (Memduh Ün, 1958), Gurbet Kuşları / Birds of Foreign Land (2012) (Halit Refiğ, 1964) Vesikalı Yarim / My Prostitute Love  (2013) (Lütfi Ö. Akad, 1968) Muhsin Bey(2014), (Yavuz Turgul, 1988) Yılanların Öcü / Revenge of the Snakes (2015) (Metin Erksan, 1962), Sürü /  The Herd (2016) (Yılmaz Güney, 1978), Anayurt Oteli /  Motherland Hotel (2017) (Ömer Kavur, 1987).
İpekçe will be screened from its digital copy restored with the support of Zurich Sigorta during the 37. İstanbul Film Festival to take place 6-17 April 2018.