30. Uluslararası Film Festivali 2-17 Nisan 2011 Close
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İzzet Günay

İzzet Günay... A star... A shining star who for years has illuminated the skies of Turkish cinema... One of the living legends of cinema... An İstanbul gentleman, but most of all a friend... My friend of half a century... Easier said than done, fifty years... Fifty golden years replete with exaltation, sadness, tears, success, failure, applause, disappointments... How, when where did all these years go? I met İzzet in 1958, during the drama classes of Haldun Dormen. He had just graduated from high school and I was a student at Robert College. Two young persons in love with theatre... Since that day, our friendship has lasted growing, improving, getting closer... With respect, with love. I went to study theatre to Boston, after graduating. Upon my return six and a half years later, that young man in love with theatre was already one of the most select figures of Turkish cinema... A star... A role model with his art, stance, private life. A man of heart... Calm, sophisticated, decisive, disciplined, measured and always a gentleman... The only word that can define İzzet, an İstanbul gentleman. İzzet Günay's acting, his contribution to cinema is already known both in film circles and the public. Let his artistic identity be tackled by film critics, researchers. I want to talk about İzzet, my friend of fifty years, not the artist İzzet... Fame, glory, money, fans never changed İzzet. He wasn't spoiled, he did not go astray, he never gave up on his manners, his refinement, or stance in life. He always has been the modest, kind, refined family father, friend İzzet Günay. That is the reason why İzzet is a real artist, a monumental name in Turkish cinema... Conservative and modern, joyful, playful and serious, a shining star and man of the people... A civilised, conscious individual who constantly reads, thinks, improves himself... We are grateful to you because you are one of those who carry Turkish cinema. Grateful to you and all those who shed a light on that era, all the stars, workers, all of you... Because you are not as plentiful as the stars in the sky... You have inscribed your names in Turkish cinema in gold... Applause to you... always...

- Göksel Kortay