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Alain Delon

Actor, producer, director... Although he has taken on each one of these professions, none suffices to describe Alain Delon. Star, cult, brand... With his career, Alain Delon is many times more than many others who possess these qualities. If there are any actors in the history of cinema who can be called "idols", Alain Delon is their foremost. Those who idolise him because of his impeccable handsomeness that is the symbol of male beauty are gravely mistaken. Alain Delon's physical perfection is just the adornment of his surprisingly powerful talent. How would it be possible for him to snatch roles and satisfactorily perform in the one more important than the other films of master filmmakers ranging from Antonioni to Verneuil, from Losey to Melville, from Visconti to Deray, from Godard to Blier, if he had an appearance that lacked meaning and expression?

His charismatic presence that flowed from the silver screen in every film he took part in, whether be it a period drama or a typical crime story, originates from his magnetic acting talent that pulls and directs the camera to himself.

The ambition that he feels when he grabs the steering wheel of the sailboat after he kills the rich young man whose identity he will steal in René Clément's Patricia Highsmith adaptation, Plein Soleil / Purple Noon, is like fire to us; his lethal power as the cold-blooded hired gun in Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samouraï / The Samurai is like ice to us.

Is there any viewer who would not have his heart split with his rebellious look as he walks to his own execution, in spite of his every effort to change his destiny, in Jose Giovanni's Deux hommes dans la ville / Two Men in Town?
Anyone would want to hug the self-sacrificing Rocco who struggles to keep his family together, and even gives up the woman he loves in Luchino Visconti's Rocco e i suoi fratelli / Rocco and His Brothers. And Joseph Losey's Monsieur Klein! he gives his most nuanced performance as the Alsatian antiques dealer in Paris under German occupation, who goes through a Kafkaesque identity crisis. Becoming an institution as a producer also, rather than just as an actor, Alain

Delon is one of the first names one comes up when one says French cinema.

- Alin Taşçıyan