Meetings on the Bridge has launched Neighbours Platform in 2015 in order to initiate new collaborations and enhance communication between filmmakers from Turkey and its neighbouring countries. Selected through methods of scouting and interviewing from the neighbouring countries, the filmmakers had a pitching training, followed by one-to-one meetings with international film professionals.
Neighbours Platform took place on 12-13 April this year.
5 feature film projects have been selected from neighbouring countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Syria to Meetings on the Bridge Neighbours Platform’s 2018 edition.
Projects selected for Neighbours Platform:

  • Azerbaijan / Clouds On Leashes, Director: Gunel Eva, Producer: Maria Ibrahimova – Cinex Productions
  • Georgia / The Empty House, Director: Rati Tsiteladze, Producers: Rati Tsiteladze, Nino Varsimashvili – Artway Film
  • Iran / Siyah Sefid, Director: Sohail Afiat, Producers: Arto Sebastian, Karoline Henkel – Wood Water Films, Co-producer: Zeynep Köprülü – Periferi Film
  • Iran / Pas Farda, Director: Hamed Rajabi, Producer: Etienne de Ricaud - Caractères Productions
  • Syria / Le Retour, Director: Meyar Al Roumi, Producer: Xavier Rocher - La Fabrica Nocturna Productions

Directors and producers of the selected films attended meetings with international film professionals from Europe and the rest of the world, exchanged ideas on their projects and took the first steps for future collaborations.
Film Development Workshop and Neighbours Platform jury members Vincenzo Bugno (Berlinale / World Cinema Fund), Rickard Olsson (Picture Tree International), Zsuzsanna Kiraly (Komplizen Film), Teresa Hoefert de Turegano (Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg) and Giovanni Robbiano (MFI) decided on the award winning teams after the project presentations.

Awards were presented at the closing ceremony taking place on 13 April at l’Institut Français Istanbul.

Postbıyık Sound Post-production Award which was presented for the first time this year at Meetings on the Bridge was received by the director Rati Tsiteladze and producer Nino Varsimashvili of project The Empty House.

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