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Born in 1972 in Isfahan, Iran. Whilst at school, he took courses at the Iranian Young Cinema Society and started his career as a filmmaker by making super 8mm and 16mm films. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Film Direction from Tehran University in 1998. He wrote and directed several student plays, and a number of TV series. His directorial debut was in 2003 with Dancing in the Dust. With About Elly, he won the Best Director at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival. His fifth feature A Separation won the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language in 2012 among many other prizes. His latest film The Past premiered at Cannes in 2013. He received the French Order of Arts and Letters in 2014.


She was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from the Theatre Department of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. She appeared in more than 25  plays in many leadıng theatres in New York and in Turkey. She has received 8 acting awards,  including Turkey's Ministry of Culture award and The New York Arts and Business Council's 'Encore' award. She has worked on numerous TV and film projects. She was the host of the International Istanbul Film Festival's awards ceremony for a record 15 times. She is star of the film 'Lifelong' which had its world  premiere at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival, won the Best Director Award at the Istanbul Film Festival and continues to be screened at international film festivals and competitions.


After studying in the famous French cinema school IDHEC, he worked as a writer for the cinema magazine Cinematographe. He conducted interviews with many writers and directors, including the screenwriter Gerard Brach, who wrote most of Polanski’s films–a master and a great influence. His work as writer-director includes a period film (Les Deux Fragonard / The Two Fragonard, 1989) a romantic comedy (L'Année Juliette / The Juliet Year, 1995) and a tough social drama (Trois huit / Nightshift, 2001). Then came some lighter films –Le coût de la vie / Cost of living (2003) a comedy about money, Du jour au lendemain / Happy days (2006), and two bittersweet films, Les femmes du 6° étage / Women on the sixth floor (2011) and Alceste à bicyclette / Cycling with Moliere (2013) which both encountered great success in France and abroad.



After eight years as Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, she spent two years as Director and Curator of Film at the Pacific Film Archive, University of California, Berkeley. She produced her first feature, Defence of the Realm, in 1986. She then joined Columbia Pictures as a Senior Vice-President, after which she was Commissioning Editor for Drama at the BBC. In 1990, she co-produced the award-winning The Commitments by Alan Parker. In 1992, she produced the Stephen Frears films The Snapper and The Van. She also co-produced Killing Me Softly, directed by Chen Kaige. In the early 90s, she was co-founder and co-Executive Director of the East-West Producers’ Seminar, the first training programme for producers in Eastern Europe. She is the co-author of The Movie Brats. She was the first Chair of Women in Film and Television in the UK. She is currently on the Board of the Ateliers du Cinema Européen. In 2004, she joined the National Film and TV School as Head of Fiction Direction and continues to work as an independent producer.



Born in 1969 in Bucharest. He studied Philology at the University of Bucharest and Opera Directing at the Music Academy in Bucharest. His novels The Life and Deeds of Elijah Cazane and Theodosius the Small won awards and were highly acclaimed. As a screenwriter, he collaborated with numerous Romanian directors including Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu, Alexandru Baciu, Radu Muntean and Constantin Popescu. He has written numerous screenplays, including Stuff and Dough (2001), Niki and Flo (2003), Offset (2006), and The Death of Mr Lazarescu (2005), which premiered at Cannes where it won the Un Certain Regard Prize, and received several international awards. He co-wrote the screenplay for Child’s Pose (Calin Peter Netzer) which won the Golden Bear in 2013.  He co-wrote and co-directed First of All Felicia together with Melissa de Raaf, and was the script advisor for 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days by Cristian Mungiu (2007).

DERVİŞ ZAİM (President)

Cyprus-born Derviş Zaim graduated from Bogazici University (Istanbul) with an economics degree and then from Warwick University (UK) with an MA in cultural studies. His debut feature Somersault In A Coffin (1997) won him various national and international awards. This was followed by Elephants and Grass (2000), which achieved similar success both locally and internationally. Mud, his third feature made in 2003, won the UNESCO Award at the Venice Film Festival. Subsequently he made a trilogy based on traditional Turkish art forms: Waiting for Heaven (2006), Dot (2008), and Shadows and Faces (2011). Zaim won the Best Director award at the 27th International Istanbul Film Festival with Dot and the Special Jury Prize at the 32nd Istanbul Film Festival with The Cycle. He is also author of the 1992 award-winning novel, Ares in Wonderland. He is currently a lecturer at several universities where he teaches filmmaking.



She is the Deputy Manager at the Cinema Department at ARTE France. In 1987, she joined the Cinema Department of La Sept, the new French TV channel created in 1986. While La Sept was becoming the European cultural TV Channel known as La Sept/ARTE, she worked as Deputy Advisor, combining this with her role as Head of Short Films in the Cinema Department until 1996. She moved to the ARTE Head Office in Strasbourg, where she worked as Acquisition Manager from 1996 to 1999. In 1999, she moved back to the ARTE France Cinema Department as Advisor. Since 2005, she has been Acquisition Manager in the Cinema Department, with special responsibility for the editorial selection and financial acquisition of feature films.


Born in 1976 in Rhodes. He completed his preliminary studies at Brussels. He studied at the Hacettepe University Faculty of Letters, Department of Translation in French and transferred to the Political Sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The novels he wrote are Kinyas ve Kayra (2000), Zargana (2002), Piç (2003), Malafa (2005), Azil (2007), Ziyan (2009), Az (2011, won the copyright book award of the year), Daha (2013, Books at Berlinale 2014 selection). He adapted Malafa in 2010 as a stage play for DOT.



Settled in Warsaw. She studied psychology and film in Poland. She's been involved in the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Poland, since 2002. In 2003 she was among the founders of the New Horizons Association, the main organizer of the festival, and a member of the management board. Being the artistic director of the festival she is responsible for the program, guest department and the industry oriented events. She is the head of the New Horizons Studio, a workshop for young film professionals. She is also the head of the Polish Days, a new industry event of the festival. She is also responsible for the acquisition in the distribution program run by the association. Also she has helped numerous Polish directors to plan the international strategy for their films. She is a member of the European Film Academy.



Born in 1977 in Ankara. He graduated from Turkish Language Teaching department in 2000. In 2004, he graduated from the Theatre Department of Akademi İstanbul. In 2006, he received his master’s degree in Advanced Acting from Bahçeşehir University. He took part in several stage plays at Semaver Kumpanya. He also acted in commercials, film and TV. He received the Best Actor Award from Istanbul, Adana, Tofifest film festivals and Turkish Film Critics Association SİYAD for Uzak İhtimal / Wrong Rosary. In 2004, he received the Best Actor Award from SİYAD for Yozgat Blues.

ATIQ RAHIMI (President)

Born in Afghanistan in 1962. He fled to France in 1984 to escape the Soviet coup. He wrote four internationally acclaimed novels. He directed the film adaptation of his first novel Earth and Ashes (2005). He directed another adaptation, of his novel from 2008, Syngue Sabour / The Patience Stone (2013) which won the FACE Award in Istanbul in 2013. He has directed several documentaries, among them (A)fghanistan (2002). He has been heavily involved in Afghan cultural life. He lives in Paris.


She joined the Council of Europe in 1989 as a member of the Secretariat of the European Commission of Human Rights. From 1994 to 2004, she served in the Secretariat of the European Social Charter, a Council of Europe Treaty guaranteeing social rights. In 2004, she was appointed Head of the Council of Europe Programme Office in Ankara, where joint projects with the European Union related to judiciary and penitentiary reforms have been implemented. Since 2008 she has been an Adviser to the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe on matters related to human rights and the rule of law, with a special focus on the European Court of Human Rights.


He graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Law at Galatasaray University. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees from the Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne on International Law. He is currently working at Galatasaray University Department of International Law. As a columnist, his articles were published at Birgün daily (2007) and later at Radikal Newspaper. He has been presenting a political discussion show on TV since December 2013 at Artı 1.



He is the Executive Director of Eurimages, the European Film Fund based in Strasbourg since 2008. He has a law degree in Public Law and a PhD in European Law with his thesis on audiovisual and media. He joined Eurimages in 2002 as project manager dealing mainly with support to features films. Earlier, he was a researcher in media law at the European University Institute of Florence, worked in the distribution department of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, and was a legal adviser on audiovisual matters to the European Commission in Brussels. He participates as a legal expert in several European training initiatives in the film sector.


Born in 1978 in Hagen, Germany. He studied script writing and directing at the Berlin Film and Television Academy (DFFB). He gained experience at X-Filme Creative Pool productions where he worked on the filming of Tom Tykwer’s The Princess And The Warrior (2000) and Heaven (2002). He was assistant to director Wolfgang Becker on Goodbye, Lenin! (2003), and he also directed a documentary about the making of the film. He has created several commercials and music videos, as well as a documentary about composer Yann Tiersen. With his feature film debut Oh Boy (2013) he garnered international acclaim and won several awards including 6 prizes at the German Film Awards.


Born in 1975 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Archaeology Department of Bilkent University. He was assistant to directors Fatih Akın and Yeşim Ustaoğlu. His debut feature Çoğunluk / Majority (2010) won the Lion of the Future at Venice, Best Film and Best Director awards at Antalya, Best Film Award at Mumbai and the Grand Jury Prize at Angers European film festivals, and went on to be included in the New Directors/New Films selection of MoMA. He is currently working on his second feature film.




Born in 1959. He graduated from Journalism Department at the Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1980. He graduated from the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory theatre department in 1985. He took part in more than 40 stage plays at the Istanbul State Theatre where he served for 27 years. Among the films that he acted in are Bir Kadının Anatomisi (Yavuz Özkan-1994), Kaç Para Kaç / Run for Money (Reha Erdem-1999), Filler ve Çimen / Elephants and Grass (Derviş Zaim-2002), İtiraf / Confession (Zeki Demirkubuz-2002), Beş Vakit / Times and Winds (Reha Erdem-2005), Tatil Kitabı / Summer Book (Seyfi Teoman-2007), Devrim Arabaları (Tolga Örnek-2008), Siyah Beyaz / Black and White (Ahmet Boyacıoğlu-2009), Bizim Büyük Çaresizliğimiz / Our Grand Despair (Seyfi Teoman-2009), Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da / Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (Nuri Bilge Ceylan-2011).