A film about the human psyche and relationships…

April 18, Wednesday

Scenes from a Marriage from the section “Bergman: 100 Years” was screened at Beyoğlu Sineması with the presentation of director Melik Saraçoğlu. “This is a difficult film because of both its runtime and content… I honestly think it’ll be difficult for you; it’s hard to swallow,” said Saraçoğlu who also explained that there are two versions of the film, and added: “One is the three-hour-long cinema version; and the other is a television series and takes five hours. When they asked us to pick a film, we preferred to show the longer version, so I’d like to thank the festival for giving us this opportunity. [When it was released] the film attracted so much interest and was a great commercial success. When we look at the series now, this one presents an important example. The film you’re about to watch is a work of art that is very important as a cinema film, a television series and a theater play. It’s a very particular film on the human psyche, magnanimity and compassion.”