Meetings on the Bridge is a co-production, training and networking platform that brings producers, directors and scriptwriters from Turkey and its neighbouring countries together with international film professionals in Turkey. It provides an opportunity to filmmakers from Turkey and its neighbouring countries to present their new feature film projects and films in post-production for the first time, as well as aiming for creating a platform for artistic and financial collaborations.

Following group works and individual meetings on developing projects at trainings, the filmmakers take the first steps towards future collaborations and continuous exchange of information at the workshops.

Film Development Workshop and Trainings

It is a workshop for developing and presenting feature film projects filmmakers chosen from Turkey and its neighbouring countries. Following comprehensive training on scriptwriting, pitching, production, marketing and social media from advisors and filmmakers with international experience, the producers, directors and scriptwriters of the projects chosen for the workshop make the first international presentations of their projects. They take the first steps towards collaborating with international producers, distributors, representatives of festivals and funds, and broadcasting companies after having one-to-one meetings.

After the presentations, the international jury and determines the projects that will be presented with the awards.


  • 8000 EURO CNC Award
  • 30,000 TL Meetings on the Bridge Award
  • Melodika Sound Award
  • Matte Post Production Award
  • MFI (Mediterranean Film Institute) Script Workshop Award
  • Postbıyık Sound Post Production Award
  • Transylvania Pitch Stop Award

Neighbours Platform

In its 10-year anniversary, Meetings on the Bridge started the Neighbours Platform in order to initiate new collaborations between filmmakers and film institutions from Turkey and its neighbouring countries. Projects and film professionals from neighbouring countries are invited to this workshop, which aims to provide a platform of collaboration between individuals and institutions while they develop mutual stories.

Neighbours Platform Endorsement Awards:

  • 8000 CNC Award
  • Postbıyık Sound Post-Production Award

Work in Progress

Work in Progress is held in order to support feature films and documentaries from Turkey that are in post-production. After receiving training on presentation, marketing and social media, the producers and directors of the films make presentations open only to film professionals (distributors, sales agents, representatives of festivals and funds, broadcasters). Upon watching the rough cuts of the films, an international jury determines to whom they will be presenting the awards.

Work in Progress Awards:

  • Color Up Post-Production Award
  • Başka Sinema Distribution and Promotion Award
  • Daire Creative Key Art Design Award
  • Paz Digital Communication Award

Short Film Workshop

With the support from Istanbul Development Agency, Meetings on the Bridge started the Short Film Workshop in 2017 aimed at new generation of young filmmakers who are working on their first or second short films. The workshop seeks to draw attention to the importance of short films in the film industry, contribute to the increase in productions with international potential, and start a working tradition between producers and directors.

Out of applications, 4 short films are accepted in the workshop. Writers, directors, and producers of the projects work with experienced professionals from the film industry. Held in group works, project teams work on a two-phased scriptwriting process along with production, pitching and packaging sessions. Participants also work with a director of photography, art director, casting director, assistant director, and production manager.

Trailer Workshop

In 2017, with support from Istanbul Development Agency, Meetings on the Bridge held the Trailer Workshops series in Turkey for the first time, aiming to work with editors, on films that are completed or in post-production. The workshop aims to increase the production of high quality trailers, the materials through which the films are introduced to the audience for first time, while emphasizing the importance of trailer production in the promotion and marketing of films.

4 editors and 4 producers that are chosen out of submissions to work on trailer editings during the workshop. Along with editors, film producers develop marketing and promotion strategies. The first draft trailer of their film is cut in the workshop as well.

During the workshop, editors and producers of the films work with international and national advisors specializing in editing and marketing in a group work comprising of screenings, case studies and talks.

By the end of the workshop, producers have their promotional strategies developed and the first draft of the trailers of their films completed, while editors gain experience regarding technicalities of cutting a trailer.

Meeting Films on the Bridge

Since 2015, in order to re-introduce the films that have participated in the workshops to the audiences after the films complete their theatrical runs, Meeting on the Bridge, in collaboration with municipalities and the film departments and clubs of universities in Istanbul and various other cities in Turkey, is holding special screenings and film talks with the participation of the directors under the title Meeting Films on the Bridge.

German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund

The fund is established in 2011 by Istanbul Film Festival – Meetings on the Bridge, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Funds, and aims to support co-productions and cultural exchange between the two countries. German-Turkish co-productions in pre-production can apply for the fund.

Cinema Talks

Along with the workshops, Meetings on the Bridge organizes film talks, screenings and case studies. These talks are held in attendance with local and international film professionals and focus on subjects such as co-productions, financings, new media and methods of storytelling and distribution channels. Additionally, in collaboration with universities, the program contains events designed to guide new filmmakers and students.

With the support of

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