The precautions to be taken and sustained by İKSV (Istanbul Film Festival) on the outdoor screenings of the 39th Istanbul Film Festival National Competition and National Short Film Competition films at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum on 17-28 July as per the ‘Notice for the Controlled Normalisation at Culture and Arts Facilities’ issued by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 23 June 2020, are addressed below. Ticket holders for the screenings are assumed to have accepted their responsibility to follow the rules.


Tickets will be available online, prior to the events. E-tickets with QR codes will be sent via SMS or e-mail. There will be no ticket sale or box office at the venue. Guests who are unable to present their e-ticket will not be allowed entry.


  • The venue will be ready for entrance an hour before the beginning of events. Coordinated, gradual entries extended to an hour will prevent crowding.
  • The audience will be informed on the precautions and procedures against the spread of COVID-19 with verbal and visualised info boards to be visibly placed at the venue entrance and common areas.
  • Measurement of body temperature will be applied with no physical contact. Guests who are detected to have a body temperature of 37,5 Celsius or higher will not be allowed entry and urged to check themselves into a medical facility.
  • Hand sanitizers will be made available at the venue entrance. Hand sanitisation is a must for entry.
  • Facemasks should be worn at all times and everywhere in the venue. Masks will be provided in case of loss or need for a new one.
  • Car park or valet service will not be provided.


  • Guests will be required to wear facemasks at all times in the venue. Vocal and written announcements will act as reminders.
  • Venue entries and exits, info desk and cafeteria, and public restrooms will be regulated with floor signs, tapes and barricades to prevent queuing, in accordance with social distancing measures.
  • Cloakroom will not be available.
  • All areas in the venue will be cleaned regularly with special and standard-conforming products for different surface types. Sakıp Sabancı Museum will keep record of the cleaning routine.


  • Seating capacity of the outdoor cinema will allow for a minimum of four square metres space per person and seating density will be reduced to maintain a distance of one metre between two seats.
  • 45 minutes before the screenings begin, hand-touched surfaces of the audience seats will be sanitised with suitable products.
  • The audience will be guided with voice announcements upon ending, to avoid crowding in evacuating the venue.


  • Latecomers will not be allowed entry to the venue after the screenings begin and will not be refunded. In order to avoid any discontent at the entrances, we kindly request our guests to take the utmost effort to be on time for the screenings.
  • As per legal regulations, all our screenings are restricted to persons under 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise. IDs may be requested from some guests for age verification.
  • Due to increased security at entrances, please make sure not to carry anything larger than a handbag. Please note that the cloakroom will be out of service.
  • Any visual or audio recording, using handycam, camera, mobile phone or any other type of recording device during the screenings is not allowed. Recording devices will not be admitted into the hall.
  • Black, White, Red and Orange Tulip members can buy a maximum of 2 (two) tickets, while Yellow Tulip members are entitled to 1 (one) ticket per screening.
  • Maximum 6 (six) tickets can be purchased per screening.
  • There will be no intermission during the screenings.
  • Every effort will be made to keep to the scheduled programme, but it is subject to change.
  • Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned except in case of a programme change.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside the designated areas, including the outdoor cinema hall. Consuming tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited.
  • Social distancing and seating rules do not apply to family members.


  • All staff will be equipped with facemasks and shields. Wearing gloves will be required for certain tasks.
  • Talks and ceremonies after screenings will be held in accordance with social distancing measures and in consideration of the stage size.

All precautions to keep safe from COVID-19 are determined under the consultancy of PLAZA OSGB.