Meetings on the Bridge Cinema Talks will be held on 24-26 April 2024.


- Women In Front and Behind the Camera


Be curious and come discover the journeys a selected group of Turkish and International women from the industry. This is not about any –isms but just a conversation with special women who agreed to talk about their lives, their professional experiences in an honest and open way. How did they find their way? Or did they create their way? How do they get inspired? How do they adapt and keep their curiosity, their drive? What keeps them awake at night? This is a great opportunity to engage, strengthen the community, ignite collaborations, more mentoring and get inspired!

With: Mediha Didem Türemen (Artist, Producer), Lillah Halla (Director, Screenwriter) and Celine Roustan (Programmer)

- How To Have the Industry Work For You?


Richie Mehta is a trailblazer! After his first feature film, Amal (2007), which won over 30 international awards, and was nominated for 6 Genie awards, including Best Picture, Director, and Adapted Screenplay, Richie ventured into the TV Series world. He just released the 8-part Amazon Prime dramatic series Poacher (2024), a thriller that illustrates the largest wildlife crime investigation in Indian history. After years of writıng, directing and producing content, Richie journeyed from auteur cinema to TV and realized a crucial question to ask oneself is: How can you have the Industry work for you and not the other way around?

With: Richie Mehta (Writer, Producer, Director)


- Does A Poster Really Matter? Let’s Ask MUBI.


Without a doubt, MUBI has become a key player in the film industry. Our guests, Ed Frost and Mert Erarslan will talk to us about marketing and release strategies at MUBI, both globally and in Turkey. How can you create visibility for ‘your’ film and build a strategy for a successful release? Where does a marketing strategy start? What are the challenges of a global release? And, does a poster really matter? Ed and Mert will share their valuable expertise and their experiences based on successful and less successful stories.

With: Ed Frost (MUBI Releases Senior Marketing Manager), Mert Erarslan (Senior Licensing Manager)


- Co-production And TV Series


Turkey is the second exporter of TV series! There is high demand for TV content but also for more ‘sophisticated’ content for a wider audience. Could coproduction be the answer? The council of Europe Introduced a new three-year pilot programme (which) will support high-quality series made as international co-productions and aims to empower independent producers and foster new relationships.

As Stuart Ford, says the ‘existential fear [that] if our industry becomes overly dominated by [the streaming] model then over a period of time the mindset of the creative community becomes business to business”. He added that the mentality of creatives could shift to “as long as we can sell it [the content] we have done our jobs” rather than “we have to make something so great the audience responds”.

Special key players and producers from Turkey and outside turkey will share their points of views and answer the audience’s questions.

With: Hasret Özcan (President of Inter Medya), Artem Vasyliev (Producer) and Selen Zafer Boztepe (Lawyer)

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