Meetings on the Bridge Cinema Talks will be held on 8-9 April 2023.


OGM Pictures – Screenplay and Directing on Digital


Türkan Derya, who continues her work at OGM Pictures; will answer questions of those who are curious about directing and screenwriting on digital platforms.

With: Türkan Derya (Director)
Moderator: Engin Palabıyık (Producer)

Daire Creative: Visual Communication and Poster in Motion Pictures and TV Series Marketing


Arda Aktaş will talk about how visual communication and poster should be positioned from the beginning of the project in the marketing of motion pictures and TV series and its cruciality.

With: Arda Aktaş (Founder)
Moderator: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu (Producer)


Case Study: Zuhal

13.00-14.30 Movie Screening
14.30-15.00 Q&A

Zuhal goes out on an interesting quest when she hears a cat meowing one night.

With: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu (Producer) , Nazlı Elif Durlu (Director, scriptwriter), Ziya Demirel (scriptwriter)
Moderator: Aslı Ildır (Film Critic)

Case Study: Kar ve Ayı

15.30-17.00 Movie Screening
17.00-17.30 Q&A

A young nurse starts a new assignment in a small isolated town in the farthest reaches of Turkey, a place that seems asleep in an endless winter. A thick layer of snow covers the souls as well as the lands. But under the snow, unspeakable secrets hibernate.

With: Selcen Ergun (Director)
Moderator:Ali Vatansever (Director)

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