A Neapolitan musical, comedy and action from Pivio

Sunday, April 15

Love and Bullets from the section “Antidepressant” was screened at Cinemaximum City’s with the participation of Pivio who composed the soundtrack music of the film with Aldo de Scalzi, and who is also known for the soundtrack of the film Hamam. In this festival talk that he participated in with Korhan Futacı, Pivio talked about how composing for a regular film differs so much from composing for a musical, and explained: “When the film is a musical, the music is part of the screenplay. Since it’s part of the text, you need to prepare the music to be used on stage beforehand, if not as a final version for the actors. Almost all of the songs in this film are sung in Neapolitan; it’s a different language from Italian. The actors also need time to become fluent in that language. The songs you compose need to match the rhythm of the film too. You can prepare one version for the shooting, and then finalize it with the orchestra in the post-production.” There will be another screening of Love and Bullets on Tuesday, April 17, at Rexx Sineması. Don’t miss it!

Photo: Meltem Satıloğlu