Andrzej Jakimowski: “My purpose is to help you understand the world.”

Friday, April 13

Once Upon a Time in November from “International Competition” at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı with the participation of the director Andrej Jakimowski and his wife and production designer Ewa Jakimowska. Director Jakimowski said that he likes to make films about the things he witnesses and added: “I shot most of the actual scenes of protests in November, 2013. It’s hard to understand the aggressiveness and violence of people against other people. I cannot put a reason or a motivation for it or write a story for them, because I’m not able to comprehend. Some people get frustrated in life or think that they deserve a much better life so they become puppets in the hands of fascist groups. The starting point of the film was this boy looking for his dog among the masses of people, alone and walking against them.”

Photo: Elif Gökçe