Arshad Khan: “I tried to do a sincere job.”

Saturday, April 7

Arshad Khan: “I tried to do a sincere job.”

The screening of Father from the section “Documentary Time with NTV” took place with the participation of the film’s director, Arshad Khan. In the film, Khan tells the story of his family’s immigration from Pakistan to Canada and how he discovered his homosexuality:

“It’s extremely difficult to make a film about oneself. As you’ve seen in the film, I come from a very disunited family. Some are liberal, others are conservative… I tried to put together the material at hand in a way that wouldn’t hurt or silenced anyone. I didn’t want to make a big fuss of a film, but tried to do a sincere job. I didn’t try to abuse anything.”

Khan shared that he took much of the footage from the family archive, and said that the documentary sheds light on the history of Pakistan:

“I find this film highly important in terms of understanding what’s going on in Pakistan and what’s happening to its people. We’re living in an age where the global ups and downs are affecting all of us and everyone’s forced to leave their home country for one reason or another. This film gave me the opportunity to understand Pakistan on a macro level, and my family on a micro one.”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş