Bekir Bülbül: “I took refuge in my childhood memories in order to make the film.”

Friday, April 13

My Short Words screened “Out of Competition” at Beyoğlu Sineması with the participation of the director, Bekir Bülbül, the producer, Büşra Bülbül, one of the child actors, Ahmet Enes, and the director of photography, Anıl Demir. The director Bülbül said: “The idea of the film is actually a brief X-Ray of my state of mind. And to tell this, I took refuge in my childhood memories, and told a personal story from that time.” The producer Büşra Bülbül shared that they shot the film with the money that they received as gifts for their wedding and added: “After the wedding we set out to Konya and had our honeymoon there on the set.” (…) “Everyone you see in the film is either a relative or a friend… It’s very hard to work with kids and make them memorize things. The film became their stories in the end. We tried to put the camera from a distance just so they could act more relaxed. Everyone we showed the film saw their own childhood and the times of innocence and being natural.”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş