Blerta Zeqiri: “We edited our memories”

Sunday, April 15

The Marriage from the section “Where Are You My Love?” was screened at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı with the participation of the director Blerta Zeqiri and one of the lead actors Alban Ukaj. Director Zeqiri talked about the scriptwriting process: “The screenplay was written in a very long time. I wrote it together with my partner; he is also the producer and co-writer. Our actors became involved in the process starting from the synopsis; we developed the characters together. We even went back to our old lovers in our minds and put them into it as well. We can say that we edited our memories. (…) The film was financially supported by film funds from Kosovo and the minority partner Albania.” The actor Alban Ukaj said: “The film was the most watched film in Kosovan film history. We weren’t expecting it but people from every generation, of our age, of our parents’ age and young people all went to see the film. We were anxious before each gala but we always received positive feedback.”

Photo: Meltem Satıloğlu