Fragments from the director’s personal history…

Saturday, April 14

Fragments from “National Documentary Competition” within “Turkish Cinema” was screened at Pera Museum Auditorium. After the screening, the director Rojda Akbayır answered the questions from the audience: “I had the idea of making a film about September 12 (the coup d’état in 1980). My father was affected by it so the documentary became the story of my own family. It’s been a tough journey. It was hard to face the family secrets, so I’ve had some really depressing periods. This documentary was a journey toward my father. (…) We were very lucky because our team was really good and everyone believed in this project. I’ve watched a ton of documentary films because I worked at the Documentary Filmmakers Association for 10 years, so that helped. Here we drew heavily on the question of ‘how a nostalgic story can be turned into a universal one?’”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş