Film Development Workshop Platform Awards are announced

Almost Entirely a Slight Disaster (dir. Umut Subaşı, prod. Cemre Erül)
Banishment (dir. Yılmaz Özdil, prod. Hewi Çınar )
Berna (dir. Sinan Kesova, prod. Alara Hamamcıoğlu, Arda Çiltepe)
Bikechess (dir. Assel Aushakimova, prod. Almagul Tleukhanova, Assel Aushakimova)
Dark Forest (dir. Nazlı Elif Durlu, prod. Annamaria Aslanoğlu)
GingerEla (dir. Thanasis Neofotistos, prod. Haris Papadopoulos)
Gold Fever (dir. Yavuz Gözeller, prod. Hilal Şenel)
Hesitation Wound (dir. Selman Nacar, prod. Burak Çevik, Diloy Gülün)
I’m Here I’m Fine (dir. Emine Emel Balcı, prod. Dilek Aydın)
Kriegsausgabe (dir. Tarık Aktaş, prod. Güneş Şekeroğlu)
Maya (dir. Tonia Mishiali, prod. Stelana Kliris, Tonia Mishiali)
Philax (dir. Ruşen Tekeş, prod. Balam Bingül, Billur Arıkan)
Pit (dir. Giorgi Chalauri, prod. Giorgi Kobalia)
Road to Tokyo (dir. Efe Öztezdoğan, prod. Aslıhan Altuğ, Haluk Koçak)
Sound Dreams of Istanbul (dir. Anıl Eraslan, prod. Kıvılcım Akay)
Şerife Tavşan (dir. Tareq Daoud, prod. Çiğdem Mater)
The Chaos of Silence (dir and prod. Nino Shaburishvili)
The Eagle of Barwaq (dir. Kiarash Anvari, prod. Sadaf Foroughi)
The Snails (dir. Gülten Taranç, prod. Serpil Altın)
Thursday Night Is Too Dark (dir. Onur Sefer, prod. Tilbe Cana İnan)
Tussifed (dir. Doğu Akal, prod. Kaan Ege)

Meetings on the Bridge (MoB), organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) within the scope of Istanbul Film Festival, continues creating opportunities for filmmakers to initiate international collaboration. MoB was held online for the second time due to pandemic between 2-9 April with the support of Anadolu Efes.

This year 17 feature films, 4 documentary and 5 series projects are presented at Film Development Workshop and Series on the Bridge and the online screenings 5 documentaries and 2 feature films in post-production are presented to international film professionals with the contribution of TRT.

Film Development Workshop Platform Awards

Jury members of Film Development Workshop Anamaria Antoci (Tangaj Productions), Catherine Dussart (CDP), Dorothe Beinemeier (Red Balloon Films), Elias Demetriou (Mediterrenean Film Institute), Oana Giurgiu (Libra Film) and Faruk Güven (TRT) decided the awards after online project presentations held on 7-8-9 April.

• The director Selman Nacar and the producers Burak Çevik and Diloy Gülün of the project Hesitation Wound received the TRT Special Award of 50.000 TL.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: The uniqueness of reflecting the moral decision-making process of an assertive woman character, the credibility of the layers shaped around an interesting lawsuit story, the potential to strengthen the emotional world and the idea of the film through choices on form and language, Hesitation Wound is awarded with TRT Special Award.

• The director Gülten Taranç and the producer Eylem Atakav of the project The Snails received the Meetings on the Bridge Award of 30.000 TL.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: The Meetings on the Bridge Award accompanied by 30.000 TL goes to the project The Snails by Gülten Taranç for its hilarious and witty approach on the universal subject of obesity and its direct reflection on each one of us who follow the beauty norms of modern society.

8000 Euro CNC Award was presented to the director Tareq Daoud and the producer Çiğdem Mater of the project Şerife Tavşan.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: This award to Şerife Tavşan by Tareq Daoud for its faith in freedom and women’s emancipation regardless of age and social environment and its faith in cinematic language to make us laugh and think.

• The director Efe Öztezdoğan and the producer Aslıhan Altuğ and Haluk Koçak of the project Road To Tokyo received the Mattepost Post-Prodoction Online Award which is presented for the first time this year including the color grading and online editing of the film.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: For a compelling observational journey, portraying 4 athletes and their sacrifices for sport in these uncertain times, supported by a convincing artistic vision, we decided to grant the Mattepost Post-production - Online Award to the project Road to Tokyo.

Postbıyık Sound Production Award was presented to the director Kiarash Anvari and the producer Sadaf Foroughi of the project The Eagle of Barwaq.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: The winner of the Postbıyık Sound Post-production Award, The Eagle of Barwaq, is a very poetic and symbolic film by a director who we believe could be a young Abbas Kiarostami. We are convinced that this project will find its finance for production and might need support during the sound post production which will add another important layer to this 2nd feature film of director Kiarash Anvari and producer Sadaf Foroughi.

Melodika Sound Award was presented to the director Anıl Eraslan and the producer Kıvılcım Akay of the project Sound Dreams of Istanbul.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: For the promise of a very original journey through the mysteries of Istanbul by immersing in the musicians dreams, Melodika Sound Award goes to Sound Dreams of Istanbul.

The Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) Script Workshop Award was presented to the director Nazlı Elif Durlu and the producer Annamaria Aslanoğlu of the project Dark Forest.


Se-yap Award, was presented to the director Onur Sefer and producer Tilbe Cana İnan for their project Thursday Night Is Too Dark.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: For an every-day life story, but with a challenging aesthetic and form, combining absurd moments with film noir elements, we decided to grant the SE-YAP Award, given by the producers’ association in Turkey, to the project Thursday Night Is Too Dark.

Transilvania Pitch Stop Award was given to the director Doğu Akal and producer Kaan Ege of the project Tussifed.

JURY’S DELIBERATION: For the hard work the director is ready to embark to, in exploring the complexity of the teenage world in a very sharp and subtle cinematic way, the Transilvania Pitch Stop Award, goes to Tussifed.

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