From societal drama towards thriller

Sunday, April 15

Love Me Not from “Mined Zone” was screened at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı with the participation of the director Alexandros Avranas and the lead actress Eleni Roussinou. Director Avranas commented: “The film was inspired by something that happened in 2011. When it came to casting, we needed actors who could make a huge lie look real. They also needed to look like they were into the young and rich lifestyle. (…) I’m not hopeful of the new generation at all. Nothing good happened after the financial breakdown. Young people are only after money, and the old generation is trying to screw them over. The film is somehow of a metaphor for it.” The actress Eleni Roussinou said: “My greatest motivation while preparing for this part was to work with Alex. In the first part of the film, I had to act like a person who was keeping a constant lie, meaning I had to keep lying to audience. And that was difficult for me at times.”

Photo: Meltem Satıloğlu