Saturday, April 14

Dhogs from “Mined Zone” was screened at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı with the participation of the director Andrés Goteira. The film plays with the concepts of fate and fortune and it is Goteira’s first feature film. Goteira talked about the starting point of the film: “I first wrote three independent stories. When I was thinking about these stories, there appeared the idea of adding the audience passively watching it all. For me, the real heroes of the story are the audience. We all live in a big bubble. If something bad happens right next to us and we’re able to help, we become good people. But sometimes we’re afraid to get out of this bubble. We become passive and silent.” The director also said that the story is actually a game, and that it gave him the freedom to play with the characters, and answered the question about the soundtrack: “When I was creating the framework of the film, I always had this music in mind. I told a friend of mine about the idea, and asked him to make this music. It was on purpose that we did it annoying. I needed to get under your skin and to do that I needed this music.”

Photo: Elif Gökçe