Small farmers’ struggle to survive…

Friday, April 13

Bloody Milk from “Young Masters” was screened at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı, with the participation of the director Hubert Charuel and actor Valentin Lespinasse. The film shows the small-scale farmers’ struggle to survive against the large industrial farms. The director said: “This is my first film, so it’s very important to me. I come from a farming family; I was a farmer too but I didn’t want to do farming anymore. This film is my farewell to farm life. But it is not an autobiographical film, rather, it shows what would happen if I hadn’t become a filmmaker.” The audience asked if the lead actor Swann Arlaud was a farmer in real life, to which Charuel answered: “This question is a compliment to me because clearly you were convinced that he was. Swann worked with farmers for three weeks day and night. Also there was always a veterinarian present at the set during the shootings. He is a well-known, passionate actor. He really gets into the role and open to learning. He really did what a farmer does; he acted with his body and gestures.” The director also mentioned that none of the cows in the film were harmed, that the scene in the beginning with the cow giving birth was a real birth and that for that birth they waited for three nights without sleeping and in the end he delivered the baby cow.

Photo: Elif Gökçe