Ísold Uggadóttir: “A film with the purpose of raising awareness.”

Friday, April 13

And Breeathe Normally from the section “Human Rights in Cinema Competition” was screened at Kadıköy Sineması with the participation of Ísold Uggadóttir. The film focuses on the intimate relationship between an Icelandic mother and an immigrant woman from Guinea. The director Uggadóttir said: “I wanted to leave an imprint on people. A 10-12-year-old kid watching this film will ask her mother: ‘Why doesn’t everyone have a passport? What does deportation mean?’ We made a film with the purpose of raising awareness.” (…) “When it comes to immigration, Iceland doesn’t get as many requests as the European Union. So the immigration offices are a bit new to us. But Iceland is usually not the final destination for immigrants; it’s a stop on the way to Canada or to other places. But still, people are of three kinds, just like they are in the European Union. Many people like me think that we should receive as many people as possible. There is another group of people, however, that thinks immigrants are dangerous terrorists and that they shouldn’t be let into the country. And then there’s a third group who thinks that this is just the way the system is and that they cannot do anything about it.”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş