Styx: A river between the dead and the living…

Friday, April 13

Styx from the section “Human Rights in Cinema” was screened at Beyoğlu Sineması with the participation of the director Wolfgang Fischer who talked about the film: “The film went through a process of seven years and we just finished it two months ago because it took a long time to get funding. We started to shoot it on a lake, so we had to get training on how to shoot it inside the boat. Everything was shot on the open sea except for two particular scenes. What fascinates me most during this process is that even though we began the shooting seven years ago, the situation of the immigrants remain just the same, they’re still drowning in the ocean near Europe. It’s a shame.” The director also explained that the title of the film comes from Greek mythology: “Styx is a river between the dead and the living. We thought it was very appropriate for the film.” He also shared that they wanted the audience to think: ‘Is there anything we can do?’”

Photo: Benek Özmez