Traces of war on the streets of Sarajevo

Thursday, April 12

Sarajevo March from “National Documentary Competition” was screened at Pera Museum Auditorium with the participation of the director Ersan Bayraktar and the film crew. The film narrates the Siege of Sarajevo through a march that 10 different characters set out to on the streets of Sarajevo 20 years later. The director said: “We’ve been hearing the stories told in the film since our childhood. War seems like a game from outside, but only when we’re inside, we can understand what it feels like.” He also answered the question about how they picked the characters in the film: “We met a graduate student who was running a second hand bookshop across from the bridge where the First World War started. We told him about our project, then he found us 15 people.”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş