“We haven’t come here to understand but feel things”

Thursday, April 12

Put to the Things from the section “National Competition” was screened at Atlas Sineması with the participation of the director Onur Ünlü and the film crew. Ünlü said that it is not right to take an analytical approach to the film, and added: “We think in terms of understanding and not understanding, but this is not the right criterion for art. Liking it or not liking it would be a better one. A film is not a mathematical problem, after all. They are two different things. We have to look at the artwork more in terms of emotions. We need to talk about feeling a film atmospherically. What comes out of a film should be understood emotionally. We haven’t come here to understand, but feel things.” The director said that he forms the script and the character in some kind of a stream of consciousness, and added that the text is coherent according to the rules of dramaturgy: “I make strange films but I’ve also got great actors. All of it would have stayed on paper if it wasn’t for them.”

Fotoğraf: Benek Özmez