A piece of writing is requested from you... You are told, "We are celebrating the 27th year of our International İstanbul Film Festival... and we will present the 2008 Cinema Honorary Award to Ediz Hun"... And the request is for you to write about your colleague Ediz Hun... It is a difficult request... Writing about Ediz Hun... You say he is, "one of the best actors in the history of Turkish cinema"... You add, "the most gentlemanly actor of our cinema"... All this does not suffice to describe Ediz Hun. Then you turn and take a look at his past; his 45 successful years in our cinema, he has starred in 145 films with the most beautiful women in Turkish cinema... He has loved them; he has experienced the most immortal love stories with them and shared the excitement he shared with his fans who queued up in front of movie theatres years ago... At times he stirred their feelings, and at times he shared their pain. According to his own words: He shot his first movie Genç Kızlar / Young Girls with the not yet very famous Türkan Şoray and Hülya Koçyiğit, but wasn't entirely satisfied with the outcome... Apparently, I dissuaded him from going to Europe to complete his education... My proposal to star him alongside Türkan Şoray in Mualla, an adaptation of Muazzez Tahsin Berkant's famous novel, and our work together, made him take the decision to continue his career in cinema... Fortunately, he took that decision... For long years, cinema audiences adored him... For years, he was the gentleman, the brother, the polite man of the family and the lover who never, but never, wanted to hurt anyone. In addition to all this, Ediz Hun was also my supporter, my friend and my life companion. Our old masters used to ask, "Who is an actor, anyway?"... Here today, gone tomorrow... But, although Yeşilçam has been disdained for years, he has been "there" in our cinema, his name in gold, and he will continue to be there... Ediz Hun is for me, in addition to being an actor, first and foremost, a human being... What is more, a gentleman with indelible signatures across his personality. And an İstanbul gentleman for that. Pure.
- Ülkü Erakalın