There are certain great actors on earth which make you think that God has created them for cinema. Each line on their charismatic, fascinating faces is loaded with a thousand and one expressions. You always want to see them, be with them, and watch them. That is the sensation they evoke in the audience... The characters they play become real. They cannot be replaced, they are so convincing, so authentic, and they need no method, no school. Because they are born both lucky and talented. This is how Ekrem Bora, born with the light of stardom on his forehead, took his place among the strongest actors of Turkish cinema. He has put his signature to unforgettable films. The experience he has gained over many years in the film industry has always contributed positively to his acting, his career and his stance in society. He has been my acting partner in many films. With his stable family life, as my friend and as my brother, Ekrem has always been very special to me. I wish him a healthy and long life. With my love.
- Hülya Koçyiğit