The question “Can a fashion model be an actor or singer?” occupied minds in the 80s. Or is it common for those we call “models” to embark upon other areas? The jury is still out on the answer. For those who answer “absolutely, no!” surely there are valid reasons. For those who say “yes, of course!” they have a solid example: Lale Belkıs.

She is one of those artists who came out on top in every endeavour she branches out into. We had very few of such artists: Hümeyra, Zuhal Olcay and a few more, because these are extraordinary artists. They don’t change their time/space just so the market forces demand, but because they authentically have something to say.

Lale Belkıs is just one of those people. That is why she has achieved in music and film unlike anyone else. It is because she’s the living epitome of “never too late to learn”. She searches, researches, does her homework and then starts the work... Surely, possessing that rare quality we call “talent” is a requisite, but then again Lale Belkıs has always had it in spades.

It’s hard to say that the Turkish cinema had provided her with parts worthy of her talent. In fact, it was quite the opposite: she was never given the chance. That certainly didn’t stop her. In even tiny bits she was given, she managed to outshine bigger parts and often the whole film. Lastly, she was always befit with villainous parts. Ingeniously, she always found ways to interject a dose of good-heartedness into these roles. How, you ask? Just with her acting. That’s all.
– Naim Dilmener