Zine of Yol, Perran of Hamam, Mukadder of Mustafa Hakkında Her Şey, and most recently the Sulky Aunt of Babam ve Oğlum / My Father and Son... The eldest daughter of an olive-growing family in Mudanya, Şerif to her hometown and Şeri to Paris, the city she moved to upon marriage and lived in for six years... A graduate of the Ankara State Conservatory Drama Department, Şerif Sezer now is an in-house actress of İstanbul State Theatres and plays in TV series. Şerif Sezer's filmography is filled with films of a calibre that few actors get the chance to be part of. Almost all of them are winners of local and international awards. With Sinan Çetin's 1980 film Bir Günün Hikayesi, she took her first step into cinema, which she at first "looked a bit down upon" but quickly fell in love with. In 1982, a turning point in her career, she played in Yol, and the next year, Hakkâri'de Bir Mevsim / A Season in Hakkâri. In 1988 she received the Best Actress Award in Ankara Film Festival for her performance in Her Şeye Rağmen / Despite Everything. She was awarded in both Ankara and Adana film festivals and by SİYAD for her performances in Av Zamanı / Hunting Time, Camdan Kalp / A Heart of Glass and Hamam. Mustafa Hakkında Her Şey brought her awards from Adana Film Festival and SİYAD as well. Now it's the "honorary award" time. Hopefully the actress will honour many films to come.
- Mehmet Bilâl