Everybody knows that Sevin is very cultured, very hard-working, very kind-hearted, very smart, and generous. You can learn a lot from her writings, use her vast culture in film as an encyclopedia, enrich your world with her book suggestions, or even lay on her lap to take shelter in her tenderness ... She is “one of a kind” who possesses all. But her uniqueness has a quality beyond all these things: Sevin is one of those free spirited people who “carry her time on herself”.

The inhumane concept of time imposed on us is geared towards expelling every functionless thing in our lives, and it is expected that everybody gets stuck in the same rhythm. Alhough from time to time Sevin mandatorily converges with this rhythm out of her grand sense of responsibility (for example, she always delivers requested work on time), she is such a strong protagonist of her own “core-time” that you would have difficulty keeping up with her: she does work that pays close to zilch, but when necessary walks for miles just to see a film without giving in to being broke; threatens the author of a book she is translating with dropping the work because they killed her favorite character; never loses her patience with viewing the cinema with the liberal criteria of art history; since she has this freedom she treats others with endless tolerance...

It is possible to infer the originality of “Sevin Okyay Time” from her discourse. As a critic, she always searches for her beloved in her discourse. Hers is a hopeful discourse that goes after the “good” in what she likes, not the “bad” in what she dislikes. She’s described herself as “an awkward, shy and antisocial creature” in an interview. I agree with her with great admiration: Is it possible not to admire her ability to reject “short cuts” in the face of not being deft, her humility that brings her respect to others to the level of “not demanding”, and her efforts to conceal the fact that she is a kid fallen into the adults’ world?

Her “own time” shines like a “Neptune” in the dim light of the world of “deft, extroverted, and social creatures”. We find joy and solace in her light.
– Reha Erdem