And Suzan Avcı… At the time when 300-plus films were produced in Turkey, many actors have passed through Yeşilçam, but few of them attained iconographic status. Suzan Avcı is one of them. In compliance with the traditional disunity of public morality based on hypocrisy, the ingénue star of the film was for “love”, whereas the supporting actress was for “sex”. The Devil-serving power of seduction of femmes fatales was usually symbolised by blonde actresses, and this blondeness found its zenith in Suzan Avcı. What gave Suzan Avcı her iconographic status was not only her accomplishment in portraying homewrecking, beautiful women, but also her embodiment of secret longings, suppressed desires, and unrealised strength of every woman. Suzan Avcı’s acting spectrum was diverse despite centering on the same character. In comedies, she was the loose woman pious landlords chased after, or the prostitute with a heart of gold. She was the woman who gets out of the house, becomes a part of daily hustle, knows how to spar with men, lives to the fullest, and at times pays the price for it. She was “…and Suzan Avcı”. Congratulations for the Honorary Award! -Murathan Mungan