"The two big advantages I had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty." On September 20, 1934, at Rome, Sofia Scicolone was welcomed into the world. Fourteen years later, Sofia would dominate beauty pageants, and begin working toward her dream of becoming an actress, eventually changing her name that the whole world would memorize: Sophia Loren. She is the most renowned of the European women set on foot in the USA and Hollywood in the 1950s. Carlo Ponti sensed her talent and sought to create opportunities for her in cinema, eventually Loren became a star especially known for her popular comedies in Italy. Attention grew with Too Bad She's Bad, The Sign of Venus, Scandal in Sorrento. Her stunning beauty attracted the attention of Hollywood, and she started to appear in ItalianAmerican co-productions. Films like Boy on A Dolphin where she gets out of the seas with her wet clothes on, Legend of the Lost, The Pride and the Passion came during this period. She married to Carlo Ponti in 1957. She was now one of the prime international representatives of Italy. She returned to Italy in 1960 and had the brightest years of her career in her own country with films like La ciociara / Running Away, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and Marriage, Italian Style. She quit the silver screen with the 1980s, although she never appeared in cinema for around ten years, but the 1990s saw her sudden return with Prêt-àporter and Grumpier Old Movie. She received a special Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1991, to honor her glittering career. Sophia Loren is still shining on the silver screen with all her glory.