Turning points of Yaşar Kemal’s life…

Friday, April 13

The Legend of Yaşar Kemal from the section “Special Screenings” shows the turning points of Yaşar Kemal’s life in an epic form of narration. The screening of the documentary took place at Pera Museum Auditorium with the participation of the director Aydın Orak. After the screening, Orak said: “We’ve seen some turning points from Yaşar Kemal’s life. Each of his novels deserves a documentary of their own; every anecdote of his is a documentary itself. I actually didn’t have the idea of making a film about him but I suppose lately I’ve missed him too much. I wanted to make a documentary film that I could watch by myself and enjoy; a film that would be a lesson to me. And I actually made this documentary for myself. We went into a process of rigorous research; we looked for sources everywhere and did a ton of reading. Then in the end, it became a film that I could enjoy watching.”