Sunday, April 15

Ava from the section “No More Flowers” was screened at Cinemaximum Zorlu Center with the participation of the director Léa Mysius and the lead actress Noée Abita. The director tells the coming of age story of a teenage girl with a complex narration and she commented on the film: “This is my first feature film. The same goes for many people who worked for the film, including our lead actress Noée… I was trained for scriptwriting and this screenplay was my dissertation. We shot the film in southeast France.” 17-year-old Noée Abita who is just about to begin her acting career also commented on her preparation process for the film: “We worked on body language for a long while. I first needed to learn about Ava’s body. Because her field of view was limited, the movement of her eyes and her manner of walking were very important. Once I’d gotten to know those things, the rest was easy.”