A child in the middle of two hostile worlds…

Sunday, April 15

Muhi – Generally Temporary from the section “Human Rights in Cinema” was screened at Beyoğlu Sineması with the participation of the directors Rina Castelnouvo-Hollander and Tamir Elterman. The film follows a 7-year-old child trapped inside a hospital in the middle of two hostile worlds opposed to each other, Israel and Palestine. Rina Castelnouvo-Hollender said: “Five years ago a project was started to take photographs of people from the two sides who believed in reconciliation and peace. Muhi was one of these people to be photographed. So we met him and developed this project.” Tamir Elterman explained further: “We didn’t know where the story would take us, because we were filming a documentary that was based on real life and we were observing what was going on. We tried to let ourselves follow the natural course of events and started to film Muhi and his family at the hospital every day. Since there was no written screenplay, the project moved along by itself, and we were only watching where it would go.”

Photo: Elif Gökçe