A Film in the world of emotions

Sunday, April 15

Colorless Dream from the section “National Competition” was screened at Atlas Sineması with the participation of the director Mehmet Ali Konar. Konar said that he wanted to make a film for 10 years: “I just had the opportunity to make a film last year. I tried to shoot the story that I felt and believed in. I wanted to be in the world of emotions, didn’t wanted to say big words.”

The film was shot in a very short time, 13 days, in Diyarbakır, and director Tayfun Aydın, as one of the producers said: “I was involved in the film during the post-production stage. When Ali showed it to me, there was a complete edition but it was also lacking a lot of things. Even so, I liked the actors and the feeling of the film, and said ‘I should be involved in this.’ Then we completed it together.”

Photo: Benek Özmez