Friday, April 13

Abracadabra from the section “Antidepressant” was screened at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı with the support of the Instituto Cervantes, and the lead actress Maribel Verdú, and the director Pablo Berger attended the screening. Director Berger said that the film is a hypnotizing comedy, and added: “Cinema itself is a form of hypnosis. So we want to hypnotize you tonight; we want you to dream awake and meander inside Abracadabra. We left the ending open; everyone can pick their own ending.” The lead actress Verdú said: “This is a pro-feminist film because the main character Carmen makes a very bold decision in order to face life. She has a partner who treats her miserably, but she leaves him and starts a new life. What happens later can be considered her second journey.”

Photo: Benek Özmez