Bodrum: This is where Ulysses past by on a rowboat and swam

Saturday, April 7

Bodrum: “This is where Ulysses past by on a rowboat and swam”

The screening of Holiday from the section “Mined Zone” took place at Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı with the participation of the director Isabella Eklöf and the film crew from Turkey. Eklöf said: “We could have filmed this story in Ibiza or Marbella or in any other place. The drug lord in the film and the people around him are the same everywhere; as long as there is water and alcohol, it’s enough for them, and the geography does not matter. Someone in the film crew had a girlfriend in Izmir, and always talked about these places. After visiting the place, we decided it was appropriate. The places that attract this many tourists with huge hotels always have some drug dealing problem. But I decided to shoot the film in Bodrum because of its wonderful nature and energy. We began the shooting last year around this time.”

Isabella Eklöf warned the audience before the film started and said that they could leave if they feel uncomfortable. At the end of the screening she commented: “There have been people leaving the cinema hall in the screenings in other countries because of the violence that the character Sasha has to go through,” adding that women need to stand up when they’re exposed to verbal or physical violence.”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş