Sunday, April 8

Double tragedy

The Cakemaker, from the section “Where Are You My Love?”, tells the story of two people, a baker from Germany, and an Israeli widow, mourning for the same man. The screening of the film took place at Cinemaximum Zorlu Center with the participation of Ofir Raul Grazier. The director shared that the film was made with a very limited budget and that they were able to finish it only in 8 years. Following the screening, he answered the questions from the audience: “With its characters, this film is trying to push the boundaries of the family concept that we’re familiar with. With this film, I shattered all sorts of communication based on sexuality, religion, language or race, and pointed to different ways of communicating. This is also the reason why all the characters are in such conflict and are struggling. They’re suffering because they’re trying to overcome these limitations and become truly themselves.”

Sharing that the story was inspired by a true story, Grazier also explained the starting point of the film: “You lose someone you love but also realize that this person had lied to you. There’s a double tragedy going on. When you lose such a person, how would you mourn?”

Photo: Benek Özmez