A Story of Disappearance…

Sunday, April 8

A Story of Disappearance…

The screening of Disappearance from the section “Young Masters” took place at Rexx Sineması with the participation of the director Ali Asgari. The film’s story follows two helpless lovers going from one hospital to another all night long, and doing so, offers humanscapes from all over Tehran.

Answering the questions from the audience after the screening, Asgari said that it was indeed a story of disappearance from beginning until the end. He commented on the role of female characters in the film: “This film was written based on a true story. A female friend of mine helped me a lot during the scriptwriting process. It was something that had happened to a friend of hers. I empathised with women in the processes of both scriptwriting and character development. Another reason why I empathize so much with women is that I come from a family exclusively of women. I have six sisters, and I’m the youngest child.”

Photo: Benek Özmez