Monday, April 9

Inside the farm life…

The screening of Ravens from the section “Young Masters” took place at Beyoğlu Sineması with the participation of director Jens Assur. Adapted from award-winning photographer and director Tomas Bannerhed’s book, the film is set in the 1970s and gives an unsettling look at farm life. The director explained why he picked this theme in particular for his first feature film: “I was born in a village in north Sweden. There were 90 people living in our village and all of us had the same lifestyle as in the film. The first misconception about farm life is that it is very easy, fun and peaceful. But many accidents and injuries occur in this job. Each year in Sweden 4 thousand people are injured or killed because of this; and I wanted to show that.” Having participated at the Istanbul Film Festival with his short film 10 years ago, Assur also shared that he’s happy to be back at the festival with his first feature film.