Happiness Despite Everything

Sunday, April 15

The Shoelace from the section “Out of Competition” was screened at Beyoğlu Sineması with the participation of the director Görkem Yeltan and the film crew. Yeltan, Asuman Kafaoğlu Büke and Yalçın Akyıldız wrote the screenplay of the film together and Yeltan commented: “We wanted to create a family and make it grow. We talk about family creation in this film. We worked with the same team from the beginning of the screenplay.” The director Yeltan said that she wants to tell many other stories about family and added: “In the first one, a family was ready for us. And in the second, I wanted to show what it means to create a family. In this film, we wanted to show that there’s happiness despite everything.”

Photo: Benek Özmez