Ironic moments of filmmaking…

Tuesday, April 10

Ironic moments of filmmaking…

Her First from the section “National Documentary Competition” was screened at Pera Museum Auditorium with the participation of the directors Su Baloğlu and Merve Bozcu. In the documentary the duo shows ironic moments of filmmaking through their own experiences: “This film helped us regenerate our self-confidence and show ourselves what we can do,” said Su Baloğlu and added: “Just like in any other sector, in cinema, too, women go through a very different process than men do. We made this film just so this would be discussed.”

Merve Bozcu said that she mostly handled the production of the film and added: “This film helped us discover ourselves; so we shook of a lot of things off of ourselves learnt how to make a film. Baloğlu also said that it was her master’s theses and explained: “We applied to The Ministry [of Culture and Tourism] and got funding, and then we borrowed the technical equipment from friends. We had so much footage that the editing process proved to be the most difficult one. We had to compromise a lot. We cut down the runtime quite a lot and tried different versions. We had our questions ready so we asked the directors all of them, but we were only able to use some excerpts in these interviews.”

Photo: Benek Özmez