Thursday, April 12

Shut Up and Play the Piano from “Musicians” was screened at Atlas Sineması with the participation of the director Philipp Jedicke. An idiosyncratic man in the indie music scene, pianist Chilly Gonzales’s journey in music is shown in the film. The director Jedicke talked about the starting point of the film: “We can’t say that Chilly Gonzales makes great music. But I chose him because he can affect the audience and is able to give whatever feeling he wants, whether it’s an orgasmic moment or a sad one. That’s what fascinated me. But he also lied to me. When I told him I wanted to make a documentary film about him, he said ‘it’ll be the first one,’ but there were two more films made about him.” The audience asked him if Gonzales had seen the film, to which he replied: “Until the rough edit, neither of us watched the film. He didn’t want anything to be taken out of the film. He said ‘This is me, and if the film is going to be my biography, it should be really me’. Even though he was a little bothered by his double chin seen in the film, we had quite a nice time.”

Photo: Elif Gökçe