Savi Gabizon: “This is a film about being a father”

Saturday, April 7

Savi Gabizon: “This is a film about being a father”

“ The director of the film Longing from “Bests of the Fests”, Savi Gabizon, and the producer Avraham Pirchi answered the questions from the audience after the film’s screening at Cinemaximum Zorlu Center:

The director Savi Gabizon:

My mother and father were born in Istanbul, Turkey; and my produced has lived in Istanbul. So this film may be deemed Turkish. For me, it is a very special screening. (…) This is a comedy about sad things. In the film, I wanted to show the attraction the father feels toward the teacher, and did so by showing, through the dream sequence, the conflict resulting from the guilt the father feels inside. Many viewers had presumed that the father-teacher relationship would continue, but I wanted to leave it there. Because the film is about being a father; so I stopped it at some point.”

The producer Avraham Pirchi:

“When we first started making this film, the first thing that got me thinking why the son character was drawn so unlikeable. The kid has many bad habits, after all. But this film is about parenthood. Parenting doesn’t mean to raise a kid that looks nice to other people.”

Photo: Ersin Durmuş