One of the most significant actors of Turkish cinema through 60 years of a film career–enjoyed as much as suffered through... Starting with Fedakâr Ana (1949) in which he shared the lead with the legendary Cahide Sonku, and up to Güle Güle / Raindrop (2000) he has consistently dedicated himself to acting, and his dancing experience must have helped. He even trotted the Yeşilçam streets, he was at the zenith in the 1960s as the jeune premier. When he was catapulted to stardom in 1953 with Affet Beni Allahım, he was just 26-years-old, making everyone admire him–a tall, lanky, handsome young man who got himself in trouble while trying to clear himself from his muddled past. As per the naive screenplays of the time, he saved many people’s “honours,” was featured in adventure-dramas, at times beaten up, sometimes beat people up, but has always been the audience sweetheart as the “kind-hearted man.” He was already the beloved of masses with the poor but dignified man torn between class differences, the struggle of life, and two women in Bir Şoförün Gizli Defteri (1958). He was not a man of class, but he would look stunning in a suit (Kumpanya, 1958); he would be threatening with a gun in his hand (Kurşun Yağmuru,1962), determined as a military officer (Düşman Yolları Kesti, 1958), one of us in the family comedy (Ayşecik, Şeytan Çekici, 1960). Like a local Zorro, he would be in disguise and look great (Dağlar Bulutlu Efem, 1962).

He worked with significant directors, worked very hard and took part in close to 200 films. It is still a privilege to watch Eşref Kolçak as an essential character actor who is still a part of cinema.