When Yeşilçam is mentioned, one of the first actors that come to mind is Göksel Arsoy. Arsoy made his film acting debut in Kara Günlerim (Sırrı Gültekin, 1957) at the age of twenty-two. He became a shining star following his roles in Yaprak Dökümü (Suavi Tedü, 1958) and then in Samanyolu (Nevzat Pesen, 1959) co-starring with Belgin Doruk. The romantic melodrama adaptations that marked the beginning of his film career, especially those he co-starred with Belgin Doruk, became very popular. Doruk and Arsoy’s success led to the emergence of the stardom system in Yeşilçam. He received the Honors Diploma at the Moscow International Film Festival for his performance in Şehirdeki Yabancı (1962) directed by Halit Refiğ. Fulfilling one of his greatest passions, he managed to have the first aviation film produced in Yeşilçam; Şafağın Bekçileri (Watchmen of Dawn, 1963 ) directed by Halit Refiğ. He starred in the movie and even broke the sound barrier during the shootings. Göksel produced and starred in the Altın Çocuk (Golden Boy) series known as “the first Turkish James Bond” in the 1960s. After starring in over a hundred movies, he moved away from cinema. In the 2000s, with Osman Seden’s encouragement, he acted in TV series. Most recently he has appeared before the camera in Unutulmayanlar (2006) directed by Ayhan Sonyürek. While he held the chairman position of the Cinema Actors’ Association between 1997-1999, he succeeded in having cinema artists covered by insurance. In his own words, with his interest in horse riding, aviation, automobiles, theatre, sports and of course with his love for cinema, Göksel Arsoy 'became the symbol of an urbanising and rapidly changing society'.