She embarked on her cinema adventure when she was only 3 or 4-year-old, watching how soundtrack was added to movies as her father directed dubbing. She played her first role at the age of six, in Ölünceye Kadar Seninim, directed by her father Kani Kıpçak. Güler Ökten inherited her love of cinema from her father, director and stage actor Kani Kıpçak. Later on, after attending the conservatory, she made an unusual shift from the cinema to the theatre. In her career she won the Avni Dilligil Best Actress Award with the stage play Yaz, the Golden Orange Best Supporting Actress Award with the films Kırık Bir Aşk Hikâyesi and At / Horse, and the best Supporting Actress Award with Ali at the Ankara Film Festival. Her other movies include Pembe Kadın, Ses, Sürü / The Herd, Bekçi / The Guard, Biri ve Diğerleri / One and the Others, Dilan, Güle Güle / Raindrop, Kalbin Zamanı / The Time of the Heart, Gülüm / My Rose. Güler Ökten is so modest as to declare "I didn't contribute much to the cinema, but I love it." Her emotional ties with cinema still continue with roles in movies and TV series.
- Fatih Altınöz