By the end of the 60s, when Yeşilçam's descent from its peak was close, a young fellow appears. He glows when he smiles, and dampens spirits when he cries. Operating with star power, Yeşilçam is more and more inclined towards making socially concerned films since then.

The gracious urbanite characters symbolised by Muzaffer Tema, Ekrem Bora, Ediz Hun, İzzet Günay, and Göksel Arsoy, as well as Ayhan Işık's tough boy from the neighbourhood is buried in the black & white era. It is now the time of Yılmaz Güney "the Ugly King", and Cüneyt Arkın, man of action and hero of fantastic movies.

This young fellow, whose encounter with the profession happens through a contest he wins while studying journalism, warms up to the cameras through several supporting roles on 1968 and 69. He's just 20-years-old by then. He has the best qualities of a typical Anatolian brunet: he's tall, slender, and athletic; he has strong black hair, black eyebrows, and a moustache that sharpens his expression. The Anatolian beauty that Türkan fioray embodied has finally found its male counterpart. Maybe it is for this reason that they form one of the legendary duos of Yeşilçam.

Because of the macho characters that Kadir İnanır played, in the past few years, his screen persona has replaced his real personality. However, love stories hold a special place among his 182 films. He is the Kerem of Kerem and Aslı, the Mecnun of Leyla and Mecnun. His romantic face overcomes in The Girl with the Red Scarf, Beautiful İstanbul, A Broken Love Story, and A Sip of Love. His career follows a rather politicised path after 1980. He prefers to act as the hero fighting injustice in rural regions, and in productions that criticise the coup d'état of September 12. With a career that spans more than 40 years, Kadir İnanır is the rightful recipient of this year's Cinema Honorary Award of the İstanbul Film Festival.