Once we look at Mevlüt Koçak's filmography, the number of films he edited will strike us. Even though different sources offer different numbers, we can safely assume that he has worked in almost 200 films. Mevlüt Koçak has forty years of history in the crafts, stretching from the days when "montage," instead of "editing" was undertaken in the darkrooms with scissors, until our present time.

When he began as an apprentice in Erman Film in 1971, he was only fifteen years old. He was still young when he was promoted from apprenticeship to the montage department. We can encounter one of the stories that describe his devotion to his work in Leyla Özalp's book I Love you Cinema. One day after the September 12 coup in 1980, during the days "when it was impossible to go out in Beyo€lu without getting caught to bayonets," Özalp describes Koçak struggling to finish the montage in his hands in a studio in Beyo€lu. Only this kind of devotion can explain forty years of continuous film editing.

Koçak might have started using his scissors on negatives when he was still young, yet he emphasises that he was educated in the theory of editing by the masters like Atıf Yılmaz and Ömer Kavur. He recounts how his collaboration with Ömer Kavur in almost all his films, and with Atıf Yılmaz in many of his masterpieces like Mill and Asiye has enriched him. Of course it is unthinkable that such a great master who has stamped his signature in an era go unrewarded. And what's more, he has spent his years to get editing included in the award categories in local festivals. The Cinema Honorary Award of the International İstanbul Film Festival will be added to Mevlüt Koçak's eleven awards from different festivals.
– Çiçek Kahraman