Perran Kutman was one of my brightest students at the conservatory. She was very gifted. She had certain suppleness which was easily adoptable to every role and situation. She was agile. She was a student in total control of her body. Watching her provided a sense of relief. She was a joy to behold on stage. I had that joy watching her both during her years at the conservatory and after. Audiences must have felt the same way since “Perran made it.” She made an indelible impression with all her works. During her last year at school, she joined the Ulvi Uraz Theatre with my blessings. Working with such a master artist imparted Perran with a lot. She shared the stage for many years not only with Ulvi Uraz, but many other distinguished names. She performed during the heyday of commercial theater in Turkey. Those were the years when the fire of theater in all of us burned the brightest. In time, she transitioned into film and TV. She carried her warmth to those mediums as well. How much we all loved her “Perihan Abla” character. I am so pleased that Istanbul Film Festival is honouring Perran Kutman this year. She is an artist worthy of such an important and prestigious accolade. -Yıldız Kenter